Gifs in the Modern Era

            Gifs in correlation to where it began has evolved to fit into the 21st ideals of technology. From the start in the 90's it was a mess of quick pix-elated images to create a fast motion object.  Not until MySpace did it become more of an interest in the visual arts and become more frequently used through messaging.  Although Gifs weren't as popular due to the lack of speed used to upload and the diversity of images created until better technology was made. Gifs are more prevalent in today's society based on that fact that humans in this era have become more visual. We want images to come in faster and be retained quicker.  Gifs to me usually mean a quick laugh, art created for amusement more then just a visual piece. As well as how gifs have been used to make fun of the current presidency which can be interpreted through every generation and easily moved because gifs are on a free platform of creation. Any one can make a gif and post it online without having any costs behind it. Gifs are easy to add onto any social media platform from Snapchat to Instagram, that's why I believe this generation loves gifs as much as they do because they are everywhere. Can be created into anything and taken into mentally quickly and efficiently.


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